THE BIG THREE! Meet the Winners of the 2012 National Reuse Contest

By Ted Reiff

It’s time to announce the National Winners of the 2012 Reuse Contest. (Last month I announced the California winners. Be sure to check out the wonderful photos and write-ups on all winners on our website.)

This was our first year taking the contest national, and we had over 100 entries from around the country. As expected, each of them demonstrated not only incredible creativity but also style, skill and functionality. 

Several submissions could be classified as art. Many were custom furniture, including chairs, a chaise lounge, benches, dining tables, a bed frame and coffee tables. Whole buildings were created – everything from a garage and chicken coop to a tree house and guest houses. 

What these entries demonstrate is that just about anything you want to build can be accomplished with salvaged materials. Used materials cost less, are fun to work with, and are almost always more interesting than the new stuff.

National First Place Winner

The honor of first place, and a $1,000 gift certificate, go to the Malia Hatley family of Overland Park, Kansas. Beginning with several large windows from the Habitat for Humanity Kansas City ReStore, the Hatleys constructed a stunning greenhouse, complete with sink, glass and wire shelving, glass entry door, louvered windows, and a granite-slab plant bench. Even the hinges and other hardware items are used. Who would have thought to turn a shower pan into a growing table? Malia! That’s where the radishes are grown. What the Hatleys couldn’t find at the ReStore they located online: tin ceiling tiles, glass blocks and plastic roofing panels. As difficult as it sounds and looks from the photos, Malia says, “If you can do sixth grade math you can build this. You just need a good tape measure, some power tools, and a sense of humor when things turn out a little different than you planned.” 

National Second Place Winner

Second place goes to Bill Dorsey of Boise, Idaho, for his awesome, improbably meandering tree house built of used cedar siding, French doors and windows, and numerous other salvaged items. The tree house, which is Bill’s personal retreat, is attached to his home via decks. (Since he is an avid deer hunter, I suspect it’s his idea of a comfortable deer stand.) Next year he plans to build a rooftop sun-deck for his wife. Bill submitted his entry to TRP’s newest partner store, Second Chance Building Materials Center in Boise, and has won a $500 gift certificate for more used materials from Second Chance.

National Third Place Winner

Tony Jones of Oakland, California, took third place with a complete kitchen makeover that includes a 15-foot extension of the space itself. The cabinetry, granite countertops, appliances and numerous other items were purchased used, yet the kitchen looks brand new. Tony’s $250 gift certificate is redeemable at TRP’s Oakland warehouse, where he bought most of the used materials.

I want to thank our three judges: Cindy Truitt of Humanim, Inc., in Baltimore, Neil Seldman of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Washington DC, and Dianne Schilling, a San Diego-based instructional designer.

TRP will announce the start of the 2013 contest on or about April 1.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest. And to those of you who didn’t - See what you’re missing?

Employment Opportunity

TRP is seeking a versatile individual for the position of Deconstruction and Safety Supervisor. Primary responsibilities include the marketing and sales of TRP deconstruction services in the Bay Area, and the development and implementation of safety policies for deconstruction, warehouse and administrative employees. This “utility player” will assume numerous additional roles as needed within the organization. The ideal candidate will be bilingual (English/Spanish), adept in the use of Microsoft Office, knowledgeable concerning residential construction, and skilled in oral/written communication and sales/marketing techniques. Compensation is a combination of base salary plus incentive. TRP offers health care, the usual holidays and vacations, flexible spending accounts, a 401(k) program, and an outstanding work environment.

Specials of the Month

At the Oakland warehouse we are featuring doors. Receive 25% off the price of any door in the warehouse through December 31.
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The Los Angeles warehouse is featuring windows. Receive 15% off any window in the new warehouse through December 31.
The ReUse People Specials
The Second Chance Building Materials Center in Boise is offering 10% off any total purchase through December 31. Just mention this e-letter.  

New Inventory

The Oakland warehouse has received large shipments of framing lumber from deconstructed homes in Los Gatos and Atherton.
The ReUse People Specials
The Los Angeles warehouserecently received several fine appliances and bath fixtures, including a Maytag Neptune series washer-dryer, Western Holly 1950s stainless steel oven/broiler, 1950s pedestal sink with stainless legs and towel bar, and 1950s cast iron corner bathtub.
The ReUse People Specials The ReUse People Specials The ReUse People Specials The ReUse People Specials

Second Chance Building Materials Center in Boise has a recent shipment of versatile decorate concrete block, an antique armoire handcrafted in England in 1890, and 2,000 feet of maple hardwood flooring salvaged from a local school gym.

The ReUse People Specials The ReUse People Specials

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