Doomed Mannequins Escape Landfill Fate

By Ted Reiff

When TRP was founded 20 years ago, we named the company Building Materials Distributors (BMD). We often used the acronym when introducing ourselves and the company, or when answering the phone. For example, we’d say “Good morning, BMD,” or “I’m Ted Reiff, with BMD.”

Very quickly, we had a problem. People misheard “BMD” as “DMV” (Department of Motor Vehicles), so we had to clarify by saying, “No, BMD, Building Materials Distributors – you know, the reuse people.”

Before long people were phoning and asking, “Are you the reuse people?” So in 1996, when we had to change the company name (another, older company claimed the BMD name) we chose The ReUse People. I’ve always been happy with the choice, because reuse is really what we’re all about.

All of that history came to mind recently when I watched a special report on the PBS News Hour featuring a reuse business that actually reuses people. Well, fake people anyway—mannequins. I started thinking, a reuse person who reuses people and had a little fun with the word play. But never mind that.

Judi Henderson-Townsend named her e-commerce business Mannequin Madness. She acquires used mannequins from retail stores that no longer need them, restores them if necessary, then sells them over the Internet. Townsend keeps over 50 tons of mannequins out of landfills every year. Considering how little they weigh, that’s a bunch of “reused people.” Furthermore, the average retail store probably saves over $3,000 a year in landfill fees by sending discarded mannequins to Mannequin Madness.

One of the most intriguing things about reuse retailing is the creativity of customers. While some of TRP’s customers reuse building materials as originally intended (a door as a door), many others completely transform them—into art objects, furniture, motion picture sets, raised planter beds, greenhouses and tree houses, to name a few.

Mannequin Madness is no different. A refurbished mannequin can be used for display purposes in a store that cannot afford to buy new mannequins. Or it can be used as a dress form, garden art, lamp base, carpool lane decoy (not recommended), or silent sofa companion. Many buyers purchase arms, legs and headless torsos from Townsend’s “bone yard” and reuse them in innovative ways.

I’m thinking of purchasing a smiling mannequin—one who at least looks like she appreciates my humor.

The reuse business truly has no boundaries.

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