Eagle Sculpture- Louis Zbuska

This project was inspired by folk artist Rob Hubbard. He had constructed an eagle out of pipe and scrap metal. The inspiration led me to create this eagle out of scrap metal myself.

The top and bottom of the metals barrels were removed and the body flattened to cut out the feathers. The skull was hammered and shaped on an anvil from the barrel scraps to hold the feathers. All feathers were individually cut out and welded on. The feet are 3/4 inch re-bar with scraps welded in to thicken and shape. The talons are 1/4 inch re-bar ground to shape talons.

Some of the material was from scrap heaps or from permissible dumpster diving.


Body Frame: 1/2 inch re-bar, 1/4 inch and smaller wire

Feathers: 55 gallon metals

Feet: 3/4 inch re-bar

Talons: 1/4 inch re-bar

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