Hard Hats Off! to the Local Winners of the 2012 Reuse Contest

By Ted Reiff

The 2012 Reuse Contest has drawn to a close. Local winners have been chosen and selection of the national winners has begun.

TRP customers in Oakland and Los Angeles have again demonstrated what can be accomplished with some imagination, a bit of planning, a good deal of sweat and a bunch of used materials.

Frankly, if these entries and winners don’t encourage folks embarking on new building projects, major remodels or simple makeovers to incorporate salvaged materials, I don’t know what will.

The 2012 entries included designer furniture, cabinetry, loft storage, a complete kitchen, a wine cellar, a guest house, a replacement garage and, of course, a chicken coop (our third in recent years—this one I could live in).

Los Angeles Winners

First place winner Ali Abler experienced mission creep during a recent remodeling project and ended up building a romantic wine cellar. The used materials kept the cost down on this expansive project.

Rob Rowe earned Second Place with handsome furniture for an outdoor dining area. He captured Third Place as well, for an unusual custom table commissioned by a Huntington Beach designer for one of her clients. Both projects incorporate salvaged beams in creative ways.

Oakland Winners

In Oakland, Tony Jones took First Place with a complete kitchen add-on. He incorporated used cabinets and French doors that were originally white and achieved a natural wood appearance with faux wood paint. Fascinating!

Kaleem Khwaja won Second Place for a whimsical backyard guest cottage complete with green roof and succulent-clad sliding doors on the cottage’s outdoor-access shower. (I once rebuilt a 100-year old farm house without plans, so I can relate to Kaleem’s no design, just-see-where-it-goes approach.)

Damian Disterdick decided that a new house for her chickens came before the renovation of her own home and earned Third Place for her fancy chicken coop. It was her very first building project and the result is worth crowing about.

The replacement garage by Chad Ashby earned an unprecedented Honorable Mention in Oakland. The original garage had collapsed, trapping an old VW Bug inside. Salvaging and selling the Bug probably helped Chad purchase used lumber for the beautiful new garage.

Visit the TRP website Reuse Contest page for additional information and photos of these winners. And stay tuned for my announcement of the national winners in the December e-letter.

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