Reuse Workshop - Karin K Mueller

I began this “Art Studio” project by first having an empty shell pre-fab Tuff Shed assembled in my backyard.  My sweetheart and I have just about completed my art studio. I have been dreaming about this my entire life. Most of the interior is made up of ReStore things.

·   #1 & #2 shows the shell with recycled lumber ready to use.

·   #3,4 & 5 show it just starting to look like a real space. The workbench is a large used kitchen cupboard cut in half, placed next to the wall with a used door halved and placed on top.

·   #5 is the center work table with recycled fir trimming. The corrugated metal ceiling and walls add some texture.

·   #6 & 7 show the warm poppy colored paint on the knotty pine boards. Some of the boards were left in the natural wood color.

·   #8 & 9 show completing the interior with second hand chairs, prep table and 6 foot bakers rack.

·   #10 & 11 show the beautiful warm, funky and slightly industrial studio with all my bins of recycled assemblage supplies and an up cycled shelf with my favorite finds. The windows above the doors were not level so old foundry pieces are secured along the top of the door to hide that. A pretty darn cozy place!

I have dreamed of having my own studio for years and it was a slow process with lots of vision and the use of recycled materials which made it cost affective and beautiful.

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