Mini House - Tracy Brookfield

A remodel on former bedrooms of a 100 yr old hotel using repurposed and recycled materials to create a cosy and open living space, including sleeping nook, walk-in shower room, and mini kitchen. Some of the materials were sourced from the renovation on the main structure, while others were gathered from various off-site remodels or demolitions of older buildings. I also sourced materials from a local reclamation yard and re-sale shops. It is actually simpler to list what isn’t reclaimed!

All doors and windows on this little house are reclaimed including the metal framed casements which provide the wonderful light for the space. These windows came from a lake side cottage and feature original hardware and metal screens. In addition to the frames being reused, the panes were cut from some left-over glass and then I glazed them.

The wood paneling is all reclaimed. It was recovered from demolition of the former hotel on site. I milled it, cut it to varying widths and lengths to create the interior walls.

List of re-use/re-purposed materials:

Interior and exterior doors


Pex for central heating

Bathroom vanity and fittings


Kitchen cupboards

Wood floor pine boards

Wood paneling

Roofing materials

Wooden lag beams were recovered from an old dock

Insulation recovered from old building

Some of the exterior wood siding

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