The ReUse Haus: Not Your Grandfather's Backyard Shed

The ReUse HausOver the past few years, the perception of the backyard shed has slowly been changing. No longer merely a "mini-barn" for the storage of lawn mowers, tools, pool supplies and broken bicycles, contemporary backyard structures are designed to serve any number of practical (or frivolous) purposes. At AltBuild 2011, The ReUse People (TRP) will feature just such a structure: the "ReUse Haus" -- definitely NOT your grandfather's backyard shed.

The ReUse Haus is designed with versatility in mind. It can be used as a home office, guest room, play house, pottery shack, art studio -- yes, even a storage shed.

Although the structure is contemporary in design, through minimal retrofitting its aesthetic can be morphed to match even more contemporary architecture. The structure utilizes panelized construction, which makes it a simple "home kit" that can easily be relocated to suit the homeowner's future needs. No building permits are required to place the ReUse Haus in the backyard of a residential neighborhood.

The majority of materials used to create the ReUse Haus were salvaged from structures being razed for new construction. Historically, these perfectly usable building materials would have gone to landfills, but because of deconstruction -- the process of disassembling a building piece by piece, as opposed to demolishing it -- they were reclaimed and given a useful new life.

Salvaging building materials is TRP's mission. One of America's largest deconstruction companies, TRP specializes in diverting building materials from landfills and giving them a second life.

The ReUse Haus is designed to bring a new image and functionality to the backyard shed. TRP's is featuring it at AltBuild 2011 as a way of demonstrating to architects, contractors and homeowners the cost savings and environmental benefits of designing and building structures with salvaged materials.

The ReUseHaus

The ReUse Haus will be auctioned off at the AltBuild Expo. Stay tuned for more information or visit AltBuild is free, open to the public, and packed with displays, presentations and vendors. Be sure to attend!

Special Events Reminders
AltBuild 8th annual Expo, Santa Monica CA, May 6 and 7, 2011.

Building Materials Reuse Association conference, DECON 11, New Haven CT, May 15-19.

2011 Reuse Contest
Due to the possible expansion of the 2011 Reuse Contest, entry rules and prizes are yet to be announced. That doesn't mean you should sit on your hands. Get started on your project now and check back regularly for more information.

New Inventory


The Oakland warehouse has received a wealth of beautiful materials from the deconstruction of a 1,820 sq-ft home built in 1953, including windows, hardwood flooring, kitchen cabinetry, light fixtures, two complete bathrooms, Kitchen Aid and Bosch appliances, redwood siding, lumber and more.


The Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse, we're set to receive an entire gorgeous white kitchen with granite countertops. Call or come by for more details.

Specials of the Month

At the Oakland warehouse we are featuring windows. Receive 25% off the purchase of any window through March 31.

The Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse is also featuring windows at 25% off. Choose from a large selection, including a new shipment of dual-pane vinyl windows in many different sizes. Special applies to any window purchase through March 31.

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