TRP Crosses the Northern Border-Legally

TRP is officially intTRP Canadaernational—now open for business in Canada!

The ReUse People of Canada is a registered charity, initially based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here, briefly, is how the expansion came about (between the lines, picture dozens of forms, phone conversations and legal briefings).

Canadian nonprofit laws are a bit different from those in the United States. Both U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofits and Canadian charities offer income tax incentives to donors. However, in the U.S. donors are given a receipt for their donations, the value of which is potentially tax deductible, whereas Canadian law provides for a tax credit based on the appraised value of the donation.

Like the IRS, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) completes an in-depth analysis and review of the organization, its mission, business practices and board members before it issues a charitable standing. That process started immediately after TRP Canada incorporated in 2016, but nonprofit status was not granted until February of 2018. It took 18 months, as opposed to 10 months in the U.S.

I made several visits to the region, in the process identifying a very talented and enthusiastic professional to spearhead the Canadian operation. Adam Corneil is the founder and CEO of Naturally Crafted Contracting, Ltd., a sustainable contracting company focused on green renovations and new home construction. Adam already saw the need for major changes to the demolition industry, so the fit was perfect from the start.

Adam and his partner Tony Panteges recently incorporated UnBuilders Deconstruction, a new enterprise focused solely on deconstruction. Already, in the past six months, they have completed five deconstruction projects, with two more under contract and a third pending. They will deliver salvaged materials to local organizations for distribution to the public. Visit

Adam and TRP Canada are challenging traditional smash-and-dash demolition while offering property owners a chance to:

  • Reduce waste and give landfills a longer life
  • Help maintain a sustainable environment
  • Reduce total project costs
  • Receive a tax credit for doing the right thing

Adam was recently interviewed by a local television station. You can see the interview at:

TRP Canada expects to complete 40 projects in 2018 and has plans to begin a national expansion program in 18 to 24 months.

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