Notice Regarding the Current COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have reduced our on-site staff, but remain open during our normal business hours of Monday through Saturday, 9:00am - 6:00pm until further notice. We are taking appropriate social distancing and recommended hygiene practices, and following CDC and local government recommendations. We have new materials arriving regularly, and we remain committed to making our used materials available to the public at greatly reduced prices.

  • Customer purchasing lumber at a TRP warehouse.
  • Greenhouse project build with lumber from a TRP deconstruction project.
  • Banding lumber from a residential deconstruction project.
  • Deconstruction worker on a rooftop in San Francisco.

Since 1993:

•TRP has deconstructed over 4,000 houses and other buildings to salvage reusable materials.

•TRP has diverted over 400,000 tons of reusable materials from landfills.

•TRP has trained over 500 unemployed, underemployed and disadvantaged workers.

•TRP has trained over 71 contractors, who in turn create needed construction jobs.

Since 1993, architects, contractors, building owners, federal, state and local governments have relied on TRP to keep reusable and recyclable building materials out of overburdened landfills. By de-constructing (instead of demolishing) a building, TRP is able to salvage up to 80 percent of the materials and channel them back into the marketplace through donations and sales at its network of retail outlets.

TRP offers the following green services and products:

Building materials donation and deconstruction • Building materials salvage • Building materials distribution • Great deals on reclaimed building materials and lumber • Project management • Training • Consulting services • Reuse and recycling plans

The Latest TRP News:

By Cheryl Sharp

Reuse and recycle -- two words that seem to confuse people. Here's the difference: Reuse is any activity that lengthens the life of an item. Recycling is the reprocessing of an item into a new raw material.


Some of the reasons why the reuse of building materials is so important:

When we opened the Pacoima warehouse in December, 2007, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Of course, I knew to expect a series of trucks coming in to be unloaded, I knew to expect a ton of organizing and cleaning, and I knew to expect a lot of work setting up systems to monitor all the things that need to tracked and reported when launching a new warehouse.

Too Many CooksBy Mike Yurish

I was excited to receive word from The ReCONNstruction Center, a used building material outlet in New Britain, that we were close to landing our first deconstruction job in Connecticut, TRP’s newest region. Ted Reiff, president of the company, was coming to town the following week, and we already had a bid opportunity. Sweet!


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