The 2017 TRP National Reuse Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Reuse Contest!

Art and Furniture

Art and Furniture - First Place
Eagle Sculpture- Louis Zbuska

This project was inspired by folk artist Rob Hubbard. He had constructed an eagle out of pipe and scrap metal. The inspiration led me to create this eagle out of scrap metal myself.

Art and Furniture - Second Place
10-Place Herringbone Dining Table - Margaret Goebel

The lumber was purchased at Habitat ReStore in Indian River, Florida.  It is 69 year old cypress.  The boards were a full 1” thick not like the ¾” you buy today.  My daughter had been asking for a table (actually two) for her new house so I went to work.

Art and Furniture - Third Place
Barn Doors - Mary Lakey

I was in the process of remodeling my home and I am always on the lookout for interesting items to repurpose for use in my home. I found these unique antique barn door trolleys at a barn sale and I knew I had to make a pair of barn doors to dress the french doors in my dining room. I was visiting my local reuse store and found a pallet of old wood fencing material.

Remodeling and Construction

Remodeling and Construction - First Place
Reuse Workshop - Karin K Mueller

I began this “Art Studio” project by first having an empty shell pre-fab Tuff Shed assembled in my backyard.  My sweetheart and I have just about completed my art studio. I have been dreaming about this my entire life. Most of the interior is made up of ReStore things.

·   #1 & #2 shows the shell with recycled lumber ready to use.

Remodeling and Construction - Second Place
Mini House - Tracy Brookfield

A remodel on former bedrooms of a 100 yr old hotel using repurposed and recycled materials to create a cosy and open living space, including sleeping nook, walk-in shower room, and mini kitchen. Some of the materials were sourced from the renovation on the main structure, while others were gathered from various off-site remodels or demolitions of older buildings.

Remodeling and Construction - Third Place
Deer Ridge Estate - Mark Petersen

Deer Ridge Estate

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