Jeff Jeanette

Jeff Jeannette

Advisor, Green Architecture

Jeff had his first experiences with architecture as a child and spent many years behind the hammer during adolescence, gaining knowledge of real world field conditions. He is the owner and lead architect of Jeannette Architects, Inc, located in Long Beach California and specializing in custom residential homes that preserve the delicate balance between the built structure and its impact on the environment. Jeff received his architectural degree from the University of Arizona.

Drew Maran

Drew Maran

Advisor, Green Building

Drew is the founder and president of DREW Maran Construction, Inc, a residential construction company recognized as a leading builder of green homes in Northern California. His commitment to preserving the environment has made green building central to the company's mission. A consultant and popular speaker, Drew is a member of the USGBC and E2, a sub-group of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and serves on the board of Ecological Building Network.

David Crellen

David Crellen

Advisor, Technology

David has enjoyed an entrepreneurial career spanning 40 years. He successfully launched three hi-tech manufacturing companies and, in addition to sitting on the board of The ReUse People, has been an officer and director at the San Diego World Trade Association, Computer Electronics Marketing Association and a founding member of the MIT Enterprise Forum, San Diego Chapter. He is the owner and president of The Crellen Company, an Internet development firm.


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