By Ted Reiff

The community public library is such a core institution, I've always pictured it inhabiting a niche of its own. I certainly never saw it as a hub of reuse. But, you know what? That's exactly what it is. Libraries have been in the book reuse business literally for centuries. And most have added e-books and audio versions to the mix.


With the Labor Day weekend approaching (though long gone by the time you read this) I want to focus on TRP's exemplary workers.

Reused building materials are all around us, but we don't often fully appreciate the complex backstory of what we're seeing.

By Ted Reiff
This month I will be in Austin, presenting at the 2016 summer conference of the local chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). As you might expect, I'll be talking about deconstruction and its relationship to reuse, adaptive reuse and historic preservation.

By Ted Reiff

Without proper documentation, locating the historic materials salvaged from demolition/deconstruction projects can be a real shell game. Too often, it seems, artifacts are tucked away, out of sight, out of mind, subject to gradual decay and eventual loss.

Sensible Solutions for Abandoned Homes
By Ted Reiff

This week I began teaching a TRP 14-day class for would-be deconstruction workers in Freeport, Illinois, a small town (population 25,000) just west of Rockford and adjacent to the picturesque Pecatonica River. Like many towns in the U.S., Freeport has a sizable backlog of abandoned houses slated for demolition. The trainees spend three days in the classroom and the remainder deconstructing one of those houses. It's ideal on-the-job training.

By Ted Reiff
Since so much of our activity is focused on deconstruction and the salvage and distribution of used building materials, it follows that I have a special interest in how people put used materials to work. I'm always on the lookout for unusually innovative, functional or aesthetic projects.

By Ted Reiff

Several years ago I wrote a newsletter article entitled, "An Owner's Guide to Donating Used Building Materials," which briefly discussed the importance of choosing the right donee, a trained deconstruction contractor, and an IRS-qualified appraiser.

The ReUse People SpecialsBy Ted Reiff

I love history, and over the years have aquired a pretty thorough command of it. So, it's gratifying to know that I'm helping to preserve history by salvaging building materials and, as a consultant, promoting adaptive reuse and historical preservation.

The ReUse People Specials Distribution is the universal solution to many, if not most, of the world's commodity shortages and market demands.

How's that for another broad sweep from a broad-brush kind of guy?

By Ted Reiff

The 2015 National Reuse Contest closed at the end of November, judging was completed in December, and it is my great pleasure to announce the winners, chosen after due discourse by a panel of independent judges, from dozens of worthy entries.

So without further preliminaries (drum roll please)…


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