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Contractor Training

This training begins in the contractor’s home or field office and includes key marketing/sales people, project managers and job foremen. Types of projects are briefly reviewed, followed by discussions of general deconstruction specifications and marketing tips, including a thorough explanation of how many owners can benefit from making a tax-deductible donation of the reclaimed materials. This portion of the training takes approximately four hours. Participants receive management materials and one copy of worker-training materials. Jobsite training immediately follows. During the remainder of the first day (and possibly more depending on project size) the trainer demonstrates the removal of every type of framing element in the building. Remaining training days cover the removal, de-nailing, and unitizing of salvageable wood construction materials, siding, rafters, joists, and studs. The handling of other bulk materials (e.g., pavers, bricks, stones) is also demonstrated. For a single-family dwelling, contractor training requires two-to-four days, depending on project size.

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