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Spring is for Growing

Published on: May 20, 2024

And growing is just what the folks at TRP are doing. In fact, we’re blossoming!

We recently won an REP from the City of San Francisco and are using it to transform what was San Francisco Community Recyclers into Building ReSources of San Francisco, Inc. (BRSF). The best part? We get to keep the expertise of the retail staff. We are adding Mauricio, Remy, Angel, and Omar to the team and appointing Chris Sanor as our Retail Manager.

Although we are still pulling some weeds, (or in our case, damaged and unrelated inventory), we’re improving our visual appearance, broadening our material selections, and adding better displays.

With Chris’s leadership and TRP’s successful business practices, improved organization and new a marketing strategy are on the way. Substantial changes are happening.

BRSF will be focused on four things important to its historic customer base:
• An almost infinite selection of used building materials, including lumber
• Higher quality materials at lower price points
• A refined collection of antique furniture and accouterments, such as lighting.
• Development of a gallery where local artists will be invited to exhibit and participate in art openings throughout the year

In the past, unsustainable quantities of inventory were ruined by the sun and rain, but now inventory will be protected in 20 to 40-foot steel containers with covered space between them so you can shop while staying dry. And to show our customers just how much we appreciate them, we’re adding a small garden of native plants with seating, tables and umbrellas.

While the majority of building materials will come from residential projects, BRSF will also stock various commercial and laboratory supplies, such as carpet tile, decorative lighting fixtures, and break room cabinets, many of which may be used in residential projects.

These envisioned changes will move us away from a “thrift store” image to that of a more substantial lifestyle re-use gallery.

So, as you can see, we are growing, changing, and blossoming. Yes, right now we’re still a bit “garden dirty,” but later this summer when we’ve tidied things up, we’ll be having a party. So stay tuned for our grand opening. And if you’d like to help us out, we’re always looking for volunteers!