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TRI Training and Certification Programs

TRP-Certified Deconstruction Contractor Training has trained and certified 71 general building, remodeling and demolition contractors and over 500 workers in the techniques of deconstruction and building materials salvage.

Our expertise in training unemployed and underemployed people has resulted in cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Hartford, Muncie, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Mateo, Harlingen, TX,  and Greensburg, PA requesting assistance with economic development through job training in building deconstruction and salvage.

TRI has trained the California Conservation Corps, ex-offenders, YouthBuild, Community Action organizations, community corrections clients and community college students in deconstruction skills, safety, tool usage, building materials salvage and distribution. All workers who graduate from the program receive certificates and are eligible to be listed in our online data base of available deconstruction workers.

TRI conducts two-day deconstruction workshops around the country. These workshops provide contractors, architects, municipal employees, building owners and others interested in deconstruction and building materials salvage an overview to this burgeoning industry. TRI works with organizations to customize the content to the needs of the participants.

TRI Retail-Warehouse Operations Training provides all the information needed to locate, launch and operate a retail operation dedicated to selling and distributing reusable building materials.

OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and Forklift Operations training are also available.

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TRI Consulting and Project Management Services

Since 1993, building owners, architects, developers, contractors and local, state and federal governments have relied on our practical experience to assist them in the following:

  • Strategies for diverting reusable and recyclable building materials from landfills
  • Tips and specifications on building for deconstruction
  • Implementation of deconstruction ordinances
  • Identification of markets for salvaged building materials
  • Cost effective deconstruction procedures
  • Development of deconstruction and demolition specifications
  • Assistance with writing and implementing public policies encouraging building materials salvage and reuse
  • Management of large-scale deconstruction and demolition projects

Today's reuse industry is layered with legal, financial, political and environmental issues that cannot be overlooked by any government or private owner desiring to reduce waste and improve the environment.

With over two decades of practical field experience, TRP knows what works and what doesn't. In place of anecdotal, secondhand, or out-of-date information, you get practical solutions tailored to the challenges you face today.

The following is a partial list of clients:

Deconstruction Clients

Bank of America
City of Chicago
City of Dubuque, IA
Pulte Homes
Warner Bros. & EON Entertainment
U.S. Department of the Navy – Southwest Division
Vandenberg AFB
Fleet Industrial Supply – San Diego (3 projects)
San Diego Naval Station (2 projects)
Naval Ocean Systems Center
East-West Partners
County of San Diego
Mammoth Mountain Resort
Universal Studios
City of Coronado, CA
City of Chula Vista, CA
Domaine Chandon Winery
Habitat for Humanity
City of Dubuque, IO
Brookfield Residential Properties, Los Angeles
City of Peoria, Il
City of San Antonio, TX
Over 1,400 residential clients

Consulting and Training Clients

County of San Mateo, CA
Comprehensive Community Solutions, Rockford, IL
City of Burbank, CA
Rocky River Community College, Rockford, IL
City of Palo Alto, CA
City of San Francisco, CA
City of Boulder, CO
2016 Committee, Chicago, IL
Edwards AFB
U.S. National Park Service
California Conservation Corps
St. Clair-Superior Community Develop Corporation, Cleveland OH
Texas State Technical College, Harlingen TX
Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City MO
City of Muncie, IN
City of Kankakee, IL
YouthBuild Sacramento
Safer Foundation, Chicago IL
Ivanhoe Community Center, Kansas City MO
YouthBuild Hartford
Westmoreland Community Action, Greensburg PA
City of Bridgeport, CT
Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises, Inc.
Bank of America
The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
The Galveston Historical Foundation

Additionally, TRI can help you:

  • Plan your next green demolition (deconstruction) project
  • Master the process of materials salvage
  • Develop efficient materials distribution plans
  • Identify available markets and marketing strategies
  • Determine materials valuation
  • Write, implement and present materials reuse and recycling plans
  • Develop and implement strategic and operating plans for your deconstruction/reuse business
  • Implement pilot and demonstration projects
  • Plan and manage retail stores, warehouses and other used building materials facilities
  • Prepare business and project feasibility studies
  • Write funding proposals and grants

TRI Speaker's Bureau

Schedule a TRI speaker for your organization’s next meeting! Our network of speakers includes Ted Reiff (“The Man with the Velvet Crowbar”) and other professionals in green building, materials distribution, training, sales/marketing, and deconstruction/demolition. All speakers are accomplished presenters (many with international speaking experience) and possess considerable hands-on field expertise.

Click here to send a note describing your particular needs and requirements.

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